Fragrant Grasses, Falling Blossoms Retreat, Summer Solstice, 2019

Using koans, poetry, meditation and conversation we enter into the blessings of each thing and every moment. Fragrant grasses and falling blossoms open the heart to the wonder and lushness of what is right before us. Join us for an examination of life, an exploration of the ordinary. 

Retreat Schedule through November, Panola Ridge Zendo

Retreat is a practice where we have time to be with ourselves, to notice as our hearts open to what is here. It is a time to get together with friends and attend to what is basic to our lives. It is time apart from the challenges of our everyday so that we can notice the life that is our everyday.

Retreat: Love Itself — Finding Heart’s True Home

RETREAT Feb.16th – Valentine’s Day is a day given to love. A time of candy and cards, hearts and flowers, most often we see the day as one for expressing our love outward. What if we turned it around and shone love’s light inward, towards ourselves? Our hearts just might open. And when heart opens, it opens in all directions, embracing our whole life.

A Bluegrass Zen Day Long Retreat: Thank You, No Complaints

Face it — complaints are opinions, they are the buffer we put between ourselves and reality, the way things are and the way they come to us. Our complaints, though there is nothing wrong with a one of them, will interfere with our happiness and with the flow of life in and through us. The koan for this retreat is based on a story of a student who comes to her teacher with a boat load of complaints, asking her what she can do with them. She gives a simple practice: “Whatever you meet, no matter, come to it with this: ‘Thank you very much, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Your Friend From the Beginning: A Meditation Retreat with John Tarrant and Friends

October 14-19, 2018 Mt. Madonna Center Watsonville, CA Going or returning, we are in the […]