PZI Summer Retreat — Into the Blue Dragon’s Cave

The road down to the Blue Dragon’s Cave is narrow, on that path there are treasures and monsters, good friends and demons. Every possible emotion appears: Memories, hopes, sorrows and love of life. That sounds like our time. You will also get help that you had not foreseen.

Bluegrass Zen Meets Weekly on Zoom

Within the vast web which is life, we find refuge, solace, companionship in one another. Now, in this time of Pandemic, we have Zoom, the on-line meeting platform. The Pacific Zen Institute has created an online Temple. This means each week, Sunday through Friday, teachers from the Pacific School are convening spaces for refuge, teaching, meditation, koans and conversation.
Bluegrass Zen hosts its online Zoom meeting on Thursdays, 7 pm, EDT/4 PDT. Here you will sit with members and friends of Bluegrass Zen from around the country and across the world. Everyone is welcome and anyone may join our meeting via computer, tablet, or phone.

To access our Thursday meetings and the meetings of other Pacific Zen Teachers go to https://www.pacificzen.org/from-pzi-new-online-talks-meetings-with-pzi-teachers/