can’t be praised enough.
The good effects of generosity and discipline,
prayer, self reflection, and practice,
have their source in meditation.

With what you gain from just one sitting,
all your crimes are wiped away.

Hakuin, “Praise Song For Meditation

Bluegrass Zen Weekly Sitting Group

Each week the Bluegrass Zen Community gathers in Lexington  for meditation, koans and conversation. Opening our lives to one another in company with the koan our hearts come into the graceful generosity of life. We meet without judgement or the need to fix anything. In meditation nothing is left out, all is included just so, as it is.

A donation is taken each week to benefit the Church for letting us use their space.

Thursday Night: Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

3564 Clays Mill Road, Lexington, KY

7 pm to 8:30 pm (come 10 minutes early if it is your first time)

We meet in their “Great Hall”