John Tarrant, Roshi

Zen as a set of rules and procedures is not so interesting to me. I learned Zen when we were still trying to find what worked in the west. And people now seem to find freedom more naturally than I had assumed during my own initial studies. My experiments have led me to trust people more than I once did, and to teach people to trust their own moves. To me this means that koans are not a gadget that you put all your effort into using. They’re an environment—you wander around and they teach you. You have to listen and look.

David Parks, Roshi

Rev. David Parks, Roshi is the Director of Bluegrass Zen centered in Waco, Kentucky where David keeps a small farm. He has sitting groups in Lexington and Berea, Kentucky.  As a spiritual director and now as a koan teacher he has had 34 years of experience in accompanying others along life’s path.