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This is our New Year Retreat:

In the great silence and stillness of retreat,
the light in each thing appears.

In ancient times the passes were closed in midwinter, people did not go about, it was a time for inwardness and quiet. This is our New Year retreat, the return of the light begins, and because we are not reaching outward, the world opens secrets.

While we sit, the new moon will be waxing, we’ll be doing walking meditation in the first moonlight.

We’ll have two talks each day, we’ll have wonderful teachers, and veteran heads of practice, and we’ll help you find your piece of the great temple in your own house.

The owl and the bell
open the silence. They persuade
the night to be my friend

John Tarrant & Friends—

PZI Teachers Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender, Jon Joseph, 
David Parks, David Weinstein & Michelle Riddle

& Heads of Practice