January 25, 9:30 am to 5 pm

One day while  Xiangyan was sweeping the path, a pebble struck a stalk of bamboo and made a cracking sound. At that moment he suddenly had a great enlightenment experience. He wrote of this,”One tock and I forgot all that I knew.”

Awakening, we set aside a lifetime based on what we know of ourselves, others and the world. We travel in the dark, without the light of knowing, exploring and discovering as we go.  To awaken is to embrace the inconceivable, surprised and welcoming of what comes.

At Bluegrass Zen we engage life and awaken together. I hope you can join us at our winter retreat. We will meditate with koans and engage in deep conversation. One on one practice interviews will be available with David Parks, Roshi throughout the day.  And count on this:  laughter and tears – real life – as we explore together.

Three members of our community will embrace the inconceivable as they take refuge in the Bodhisattva Way during a ceremony concluding the retreat.

The retreat will be held in the Sanctuary of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Lexington, KY, 3465 Clays Mill Road, Lexington.

Lunch will be served. A donation of 50 dollars is suggested for the day.