June 22, 2019

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

“First I went following the fragrant grasses, and now I have returned in pursuit of the falling blossoms.”

As Spring moves into summer, join us for our Solstice Retreat to be held on June 22 at Panola Ridge Zendo in Waco, KY.

Using koans, poetry, meditation and conversation we enter into the blessings of each thing and every moment. Fragrant grasses and falling blossoms open the heart to the wonder and lushness of what is right before us. Join us for an examination of life, an exploration of the ordinary.

Lunch is served.

Bring your meditation cushion and if you would like something to share at lunch time. Cost of the retreat, food, etc…, will be divided among the participants. Donations are accepted for the teachings.

Join us on June 22!

Retreat Schedule through November, 2109 Panola Ridge Zendo {more info here}