Retreat is a practice where we have time to be with ourselves, to notice as our hearts open to what is here. It is a time to get together with friends and attend to what is basic to our lives. It is time apart from the challenges of our everyday so that we can notice the life that is our everyday.Each retreat will begin at 9:30 and last until 4. They will be held out at my farm in Waco. We have made every effort to make the retreats accessible to all.  Here is a list of retreat weekends for the rest of 2019

  • June 22, Summer Solstice, Fragrant Grasses Retreat
  • August 10, The Whole World is Medicine Retreat/Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
  • November 2, The Golden Wind Retreat

We will split the cost of the retreat, food etc…. Also, you will an opportunity to give dana (donation) for the teaching. This is a tenative list with more dates and place to be added.